What Are the Most Popular Taxi Services?

What Are the Most Popular Taxi Services?

The taxi industry, while in a state of flux, is still a popular and relatively inexpensive way to get around major metropolitan areas. However the cost of travel can really add up if you don’t know how to find the best company for your needs. Taxi xe di noi bai companies range from large national franchises to small local companies, and while there are many advantages to the big national players, there are also some advantages to smaller companies. This article will compare some of the more popular taxi services.

The International League of Taxicab

Taxicabs around the country are regulated by the city or state that they are located in. And the International League of Taxicabs is a national organization that sets standards for drivers, vehicles and other requirements for drivers and owners.

Yellow Cab

Yellow Cab is one of the largest taxi companies in the United States. Headquartered in Oakland, California, it has facilities in 24 states and about 700 licensees. That’s right; individual owners have the right to use the Yellow Cab name as long as they follow certain guidelines and rules set forth by the company.

Green Taxi

Green Taxi is a fairly small outfit that operates a fleet of eco-friendly vehicles around Denver, Colorado. Customers can begin their search at the company website to find cabs in their area. The owners claim that they offer not only alternative fuels but also a variety of services.

Checker Cab

Checker Cab is technically the oldest taxi company in America, as it was founded in 1914 by Morris Markin, a Russian immigrant. The company is still located downtown Chicago and it takes great pride in providing customers with safe and reliable service.