Ohio Electric Rates – How To Compare Rates And Plans

Ohio electricity rates are deregulated, giving residents the ability to choose their energy supplier and rate. This new market has opened up the opportunity for customers to compare rates and plans for ohio electricity from over 80 energy supply companies. The public utility commission of ohio (PUCO) maintains an online tool called Apples to Apples that allows customers to easily compare rates offered by these energy suppliers.

The Apples to Apples website allows customers to enter their local utility company and zip code, then provides a list of different offers from the energy providers that serve their area. The list can then be sorted by price, plan type, renewable content (Ohioans have access to wind, nuclear, solar and hydro power), term length, fees and promotional offers.

Another great feature of this site is that it lets customers easily switch to a new energy provider if they find one that offers a better deal. Once the customer makes the switch, their local utility will continue to bill them for delivery and distribution services, but they will see a new charge on their bills from their chosen energy provider. Once this is done, the customer will begin to save money on their ohio electric rates.

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For customers not enrolled in their local government aggregation program or with their own chosen energy supplier, FirstEnergy is set to increase their default rate on June 1, 2016. This price is known as the Price to Compare and is found on most residential energy bills. This price is based on results of three competitive auctions throughout the year and is monitored by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. The PUCO recommends that all customers take the time to compare offers from other suppliers before June 1 to ensure they are getting the best possible deal on their energy supply.

If you are interested in a plan that takes advantage of Ohio’s renewable energy resources, you can also look for a ohio electricity rate with a time-of-use tariff. These plans encourage customers to use more energy during times when electricity costs less, such as off-peak hours, which can save them money and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Lastly, the PUCO offers an online service for low-income customers to keep their current local utility for both natural and electrical energy. This program is called PIPP Plus and is available for households that meet the federal poverty guidelines. This program allows qualified Ohioans to pay six percent of their monthly income or $10 per month for both utilities, whichever is higher. This service will ensure that Ohio’s most vulnerable residents do not face an increase in their utility rates and allow them to continue living in the home they love. The PIPP Plus program is available to customers who receive their service from a regulated utility company and have an income at or below 150% of the federal poverty guideline. To learn more, visit ohioenergychoice.com.